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holistic hairdressing

Of late you might have heard the word holistic more and more. Did you know that hairdressers use the term holistic more often these days? But what does it mean to be a holistic hairdresser? What does a holistic hairdresser do differently than other hairdressers?

First off let’s look at the them holistic. Holistic for me means that you look at yourself or the other as a whole. In hairdressing, we look at body mind heart and soul. I can’t look at your hair aka body, without listening to your mind, without connecting with your heart, without seeing where your soul is at. Each aspect is very important in and of its self and then brought together, they become even stronger. let’s look at each aspect separately for now.


This is of course the physical realm, here I look at your head itself. Structure, density and health of your hair. Also, I look at your body shape, the shape of your face, your skin colour and your hair colour together. I see your body and hair and making it all complemented each other in the best way possible.

In this physical realm, there are also lots of signs for the other realms. You could have hair loss which indicates stress or a lack of nutrition. You could wear your hair in a certain way that hides parts of yourself, which indicates a certain belief that you have about yourself.


Here is the mental realm, this is the part of you who knows what it wants, it believes whats good for you or bad for you. We discuss what’s important to you and determine what you do not want with your hair. On that, I like to challenge your beliefs if they truly are your own thoughts, not copies from other people in your life.

This is the realm of the ego. Funny thing for it is here to protect us, yet often it stands in the way of the things we might truly want. And by doing so standing in the way of your emotions and even your spiritual path.


The emotional realm, one I truly love. It is more primal than the mental realm. When you can truly connect with your emotions they can lead you to so many amazing things. They can make you feel so happy about the hair or make you so miserable. Those emotions we look at together to make your hair more suited for who you are.

Sometimes emotions come from thoughts yet sometimes you feel a certain way about a certain hair colour without knowing why. Together we look at why this might be and how we can better that emotion and hair for you.


The spiritual realm or the realm of the soul. For many it might not seem interesting for your hair yet I have seen so many people on the spiritual journey change their hair dramatically and feel so good by doing so. Imagine when you finally feel you are allowed to shine you can finally let your hair do the same.

Your soul is energy and it shows in your body language without you even knowing. It peaks trough your thoughts and emotions, I'll help you see them and implement that energy in your hair.

The Whole

I hope you see now that all these realms are connected, they make up the entirety of you and your personality. The beauty of it is that every time you go to your hairdresser it is different, you are different. Your hair has grown which changes the realm of the body, you see yourself differently which changes the realm of the mind, you might like other things which changes the realm of emotions, you are further on your spiritual path which changes the realm of the soul.

Most hairdressers only look at the realm of the body and the realm of the mind. Some may go as far as the realm of emotions, yet hardly any go to the realm of the soul or connect all of these together. We are the entirety of ourselves so for our Well-being our hair must reflect who we are. I believe that this way we can enjoy who we are so much deeper and attract the right energy into our life’s.

Be Authentic, be free, be you,



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