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Your hair and the moon

Ever heard about lunar hair care? It is an amazing few on when to do what with your hair. More and more people have been interested in the moon and its mythical powers and now we are going to work that power in your hair.

The moon has been a guiding light for so much in our world. From the calendar to the planting of crops. The moon has so many interesting powers in beliefs like Wicca. Where the moon can intensify your intentions and help you manifest your world.

With your hair, it can guide you to what you should do with your hair. Depending on the different moon phases you can either declare intentions, moisturize or cut it off. I’ll tell you about which moon phase is what and how you can use them to your advantage.

New Moon

The moon is hardly visible in the sky, some call it a dark moon, the energy lasts about 3 nights (1 before, on the night itself, and 1 after). This phase helps with manifesting and intention setting.

For your hair, this phase can help you clarify what you want with your hair. This may be growing it, going for another colour, or simply maintaining what you have. Set your intention and repeat it as a mantra as long as feels right for you.

Waxing Moon

This is phase of the moon when it becomes brighter. Growing in size and power. this phase takes about 11 nights.

When you want to manifest something more than you have now, say length or volume, now is the time to be mindful of what you eat and how much stress you have. More tips on growing your hair are over here.

Full Moon

The moon is the brightest of them all, shining its light and clearing its energy, the energy last about 3 nights (1 before, on the night itself, and 1 after)

Now is the time to let go of all that manifestation energy from the new moon. When you wanted a change in cut or colour now is the time! Let that hair go as the moon lets her energy go. Important here is that you listen to your feelings, a full moon is known to heighten emotions, and that so true for changes to your hair. in other words, go for happy satisfying hair.

Waning Moon

This is the phase of the moon where it becomes less bright, losing its shine and lets go of energy. this phase takes about 11 nights.

The phase of gratitude. Think of what you can be grateful for that happened in the last month. Maybe your hair grew or it has improved in quality. Feel that energy and thank your hair, this can be in words/thoughts or actions like a treatment, a head massage, or a mindful brush session.

These are guidelines, you don’t have to follow them, yet they can help you greatly when you align with them. There are more phases of the moon and special moons, If you like for me to write about that or you have any questions about this spiritual look on hair, please contact me!

Be authentic, be free, be you



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