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Authentic Classes

Education that will make you authentic.

It's our natural state that we somehow forgot, let's remember.

Authentic Living



Ever felt that there is more inside of you? you just can't get it out... In this class I will help you bring out the best you. The one that you have always been just gor covvered up in the mess called life.

Together we wil explore topics like who you are, what it means to be authentic, how to manifest and shine your unique light in to your life. Charging your energy so you can function well and letting go of what's holding you down. Regaining your purpose so you can build your amazing life the way that works best for you.

We will go offer all this and more in four afternoons, each one month apart. That way you can implement each lesson and grow when you are ready.



In this class we focus on your appearance. how do you come acros to others and is that how you want to be preciefed? Linking that with your values and heart makes you atract wonders into your live.

This class in held in a small group off max 8 people so there will be enough time o go deep and help you be more authentic in one day.

Do you have a group of  5-8 wonderfull people? I can come to you! email me with the details and we'll make arrangements. 

Authentic Appearance



Do you have a dream and do you want to manifest that dream? look no further cause in this workshop i'll help you to manifest all you desire.

Manifesting is not hard to do, you just need focus and a dream. The rest will come in this afternoun. We will be visualizing one dream, making it into a vision  board and a affirmation so you can focus it in your day to day life.


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