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Hair Services

Hair is such a big part of your being, when it's bright and shiney you feel shiney, when it's dull you feel dull. and when it's fake you feel fake. therefor I like to make hair that suits you and your personality.



Refining the shape and space for you.

Giving your hair what it needs to flow, fall, dance and rise however suits your soul. No matter if you are a woman, a man or anything in between.



It's all about the shade.

Doesn't matter if you love warm or cool, we will find the best shine for your soul.

All colouring services include a blowdry.

Money Piece

High Light Touch up

High Lights








Let's make your hair glow.

Giving depth to your hair that works best for your hair and lifestyle. Hair quality is key here so I work with a bondprotector  in all my lightning services.

All colouring services include a blowdry



Maintaining hair and mental health.

Keeping your hair healthy so your colour shines bright, your hair flows fine and your mind is at peace.

Bond treatment

Rejuvenation Treatment

Colour Mask

Head Massage





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