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Mystical Readings

Both Tarot cards and Astrology have mysteries that help you uncover your own.


With these cards or stars and your questions we reflect on your situation now and bring out your best authentic self to prosper.

All readings can be done while you are in the salon with a haircolouring treatment. Just let me know when you book the appointment online or when you start your colouring service with Rik.



1 Hour

Duo Card Reading

This reading is for 2 people. Together we will delve deeper into what makes you special together. Where are you on the same page and where are you not? How do you complement each other and how do you challenge each other?

Great for when you want to set up and improve something together. such as the relationship between the two of you, entering into a collaboration or rediscovering each other.


Personal Card Reading

All attention to your questions. Together we look at your situation and struggles in which you want insights.


This can be about work, relationships, spirituality, love, friends and much more.




0.5 hour

Wat er in de sterren staat over wie jij ben, wat jouw kwaliteiten zijn, hoe jij weer in energie oplaad en nog veel meer. Loop je tegen de zelfde uitdagingen aan en/of ben je benieuwd hoe jij sterker in je schoenen kan staan, kom dan langs en samen kijken wij naar jou.



0.5 hours


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