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Mystical Cards

Both Tarot & Oracle cards have mysteries that help you uncover your own.


With these cards and your questions we reflect on your situation now and bring out your best authentic self to prosper.

Business Development

Do you want to progress in your company/project and do this from your own strength?

Then let the cards help you.

Together we make an inventory with the cards where you are now and what you need to get ahead.



1-1.5 hours



Mystical Friends

Together with your friends on a deep voyage of discovery to who you are and where you can go to?
Gain insights into what connects you and what you can give to each other.



2-3 hours


Festival Cards

Are you organizing a festival, a company party or a meeting where card readings are appropriate for you? Let's get in touch together about the right content for your event.


4 hours

@Your Festival

Bachelorette Night

An evening completely dedicated to the bride/groom. What has brought you to where you are

now and what awaits you.

The beauty, the obstacles, the forces and

the help that come your way.

@Your Place



2.5 hours



1 Hour

Lovers Bond

Together with your loved one, go deeper into what makes you special together. What do you agree with and where do you disagre? How do you complement each other and how do you challenge each other? The cards will help you gain insights into what you expect and want from each other.


Personal Insight

All attention to your questions. Together we look at your situation and struggles in which you want insights.


This can be about work, relationships, spirituality, love, friends and much more.




0.5-1 hour

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