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Stylist Spot

All you need to be an amazing hairdresser!

One day all about you, your needs, your wishes and your growth. This could be about your colouring skills, barbering, blow drying, connecting with your client or anything else you struglle with in the salon.

first we call and check what the day will be about, then we schedule the day and you come to my salon in Amersfoort. Here you get acces to all the goodies I work with and I'll show you how to ad magic to your work. 


Do you have a salon and whant your team to flurish in all things hair? Look no further! 

With my 10+ year of experience in teaching hair, I can come to your salon and help them grow. I have alot to offer you and if you'd like something else I might be able to, just ask!

Check what I got here

Do you want to join me in making people more authentic in hair and life? you can now join me!

I offer a spot in my salon where you can help your clients and give them hair that suits them. You can join me just for a day (€70)

or join me for a year and build your own business! (€60 a day)

When you want to know more contact me at

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