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Card Classes

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tarot and Oracle cards.

With these classes you can enrich your life in a most magical way, your way.


Introduction to Tarot

Tarot is a set of cards with ancient wisdom and life lessons, see it as your life coach who you can consult when ever, where ever you like and need. they give a reflection of you and the situation you are in so you can come out better and wiser.

In this afternoon classe I'll teach you what each card means, how to read them authenticly.

This form of divination or magic is easely the most insightful and eccessible of them all. Everyone can learn this all you need is the will to do so and an open mind.



Authentic Tarot

This authentic master class in tarot will guide you to your inner most authentic self. Using the tarot in a way to come to yourself and using the tarot in an authentic way just for you.

When you want to join this class make sure you have a good understanding of the tarot. Wanne know if you are ready for this class? just ask me!


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