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Hairstylist Classes

With my ten plus years of experience and passion for this amazing work,

I want to give you my knowledge and help us all grow to a higher level of hair.


Salon Coaching Day

This is for those who know their shit, but want to go deeper. You want a fresh pair of eyes helping you to be better for the love of hair and people.

You will join me @ Authent'hair and work beside me for a day. That way I can see your strenghts and flaws. I'll give you as much feedback as you desire and give you a plan to work on so you can rise to your next level of expertise. 



Salon Visits

Do you have your own salon and a wonderful team of hairdressers, then I could come to your place!

First we'll call about what you would like me to help you team with. That maybe colour, cuts, blowdrying and/or advice. If that is in theorie or in workshop form that's up to you and your team.

I come to you for a morning, afternoon or day and boost your salon in everything it needs.

starting at €350


Client Love

Do you dream of clients that you love and love you back? Then come along with this amazing ride where I'll tell you a couple of secrets regarding your dream clients. 

Attracting dream clients has to do with many thing, like appearance, knowing yourself and hospitality. After that it is important to deliver great service, and as many of you might know, this starts with good communication and advice.


Blow dry Realness

This is my all time favourite! Giving your client that volume and feeling of glamours class is one of the best feelings. Yet so many hairstylist don’t know how to give this to their clients.


Here we’ll go over te fundamentals of a good blow out,

 practice the real deal on a model and make it so that we all know what to do with every clients hair, vibe and wishes.


Genuine Cuts

Everyone can cut hair, but how do you make a haircut that suits your client needs and still has your unique touch to it.

Well I believe that has to do with your interest in the person you cut, your skill level and your ability to feel what the hair needs and your client needs.


Perfect Colour

Do you want a deep dive into colour theorie or skills. 

What I like most about hair colour is the design you make for each individual, no one is the same and I'm here to help you decide the best techniques for your client and how to do those thechniques the right way.

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