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Authentic Apearance

Authentically showing who you are.

Not because you have to,

but because you love to.



Being authentic as a human being is so valuable. It'll help you in making the right choices, in feeling what you need and desire, in sharing love without a fear. Yet it can be so hard from time to time to be authentic.

For me it is like being in balance. It can be something you strife for and feel real good when you acheive it, but life is there to changle you and trow you out of balance. the same goes for being authentic. The cool part is that with both of them you can practice to get back in to balance and being authentic.


Appearance is how you come across tho others. It is what you show to the world bout who you are. How you like to dress, how you style your hair and even how you walk and talk. 

There is so much fun in expressing yourself when it aligns with your authentic self. It is fun and comforting for your self. Others see the real you and the right people wil be attracted to you. Even business, social and romantic opportunities wil come your way.

whant to learn how? join me in one of the following.


Authentic Appearance Workshop

In this class we focus on your appearance. how do you come acros to others and is that how you want to be preciefed? Linking that with your values and heart makes you atract wonders into your live.

This class in held in a small group off max 8 people so there will be enough time o go deep and help you be more authentic in one day.

Do you have a group of  5-8 wonderfull people? I can come to you! email me with the details and we'll make the arrangements. 



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With our team we followed Rik's training in the sign of Authentic Appearance. What a good awareness training is to see who you are and why you do things the way you already do or maybe you don't do them. Rik was able to address personal characteristics of individuals, but also discussed it well in/with the group. He did this in a calm, open and honest manner of communication. It was certainly a way of raising awareness for me that I still think about a lot and that has helped me a lot. Definitely recommended to do within a team!



What is important to you and why is that so? This is often an easy question to ask but difficult to answer. There are so many different things involved. Because of this I quickly lost the overview.

Rick helps me with this. He has developed a program that helps you find out step by step what is important to you. Rik offers you a key with which you can release your authentic self. Since starting the training, I'm starting to find myself more and more. Thank you!



I followed Rik's workshop together with my colleagues and it was fun, but above all instructive to do. The interactive assignments provide a pleasant group dynamic and new personal insights. I found some parts quite the challange, but I'm glad that as a team we followed the authenticity Workshop and got to know each other better. Rick, thanks for the inspiration! I have come closer to myself.



With our team we followed the authentic appearance workshop from Rik. Never before have I thought about my authentic self like this until this workshop. It was a very nice and instructive experience, which makes you think and gives you tools to use in your daily life. It's such an important topic and Rik has given us a lot of insights into who we are, who we want to be and what we want to show of. In addition, it has taught us what our values and standards are, so what you find important from the heart. Rik is a super fun, sweet and open person and you immediately feel at ease with him in the room. Highly recommended to follow this workshop!



Events or Businesses 

Do you have an event coming up or a business with lot's of people who could be inspired about authenticity and/or Appearance? Then we can work togheter. I can come to your event or buusiness and gives workshops and/or a speech regarding these topics.


When you want to start working together contact me by emailI would love to know why you want to work together and what your business/event looks like.

In your email please send a date that we can video-call. In this call we'll get to know eachother and discus the posabilities that benefit your desires the best.

Authentic Coaching

Apart form the workshops and speeches I can also offer individual coaching. This can be on the job coaching or more in the esnce of counceling. This is for those individuals who need that extra support on a specific topic regarding their authentic selfs in preforming, enjoying and/or evolving. 



All workshops and coaching are offline, this to help benifit the magic of interaction and exchange of positif flow. Theirfor I come to your company. Giving an optimal vibe for evolving your people in their work flow.

When you do not have the space for that I'll rent a space near your office with easy axces by publictransport and car.

See You Soon

I would love to help you grow in expressing your authentic self. Your unapologetically, loving and strong self.


Rik Goedhart 

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