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Authenticity Coaching

With these coaching sessions I help you become more authentic. Meaning you will be able to live more from your heart and make choices you stand for. 

I will guide you to your own light and give you tools so you can shine with passion and pride for who you are.


Authentic Check-in

Living your authentic self. That comes with challenges, every day. In this session I help you to come back to yourself and to move forward with good courage and new energy.


Authentic Coaching

In five sessions I bring you back to your authentic self. Live your mission from your heart and no longer be hindered by beliefs that don't suit you. Are you ready to live your best dream?




Appearance Session

Your appearance helps you with who you are, what others see of you and what you attract in your life. In this session we will look together at what you send out and what you want to send out to authentically attract your dream life.


Working Authentic

Working as who you are is easier said than done. And because you can imagine it, very possible!

Let me help you in four sessions to get to your dream job. Whether you already have a job or not, you can choose to live your mission.



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