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Business Classes

Education that helps your company be more authentic. For every person a way to help get to that authentic self, resulting in a happier work flow and passion al around.

Authentic Living


No matter the kind of work your in, we could all benifit from more authenticity. This helps with productivity, involvement, passion, happiness and an overall feeling of belonging.

Knowing who is good in what and who value's one thing over another makes it so that you can improve the relationship between your team members dramaticly. Helping them preform on a new level, bythemselves and witheachother.

Rik Goedhart

Living authentic is my biggest passion, I've helped many people get closer to their authentic self for over 5 years now. 

Knowing what it is to live in-authentic makes me want to show everyone how to live your most beautiful live, their working live, privite live and all aspects of their live. Only by living like this we can make a difference in this fast changing world.




I followed Rik's workshop together with my colleagues and it was fun, but above all instructive to do. The interactive assignments provide a pleasant group dynamic and new personal insights. I found some parts quite the challange, but I'm glad that as a team we followed the authenticity Workshop and got to know each other better. Rick, thanks for the inspiration! I have come closer to myself.



With our team we followed the authentic appearance workshop from Rik. Never before have I thought about my authentic self like this until this workshop. It was a very nice and instructive experience, which makes you think and gives you tools to use in your daily life. It's such an important topic and Rik has given us a lot of insights into who we are, who we want to be and what we want to show of. In addition, it has taught us what our values and standards are, so what you find important from the heart. Rik is a super fun, sweet and open person and you immediately feel at ease with him in the room. Highly recommended to follow this workshop!



Authentic Working

Working authentic is all about working from your heart and truest slef. Knowing and feeling what you value most in live and your job. Being confident in what titels you hold and defend without the need to prove yourself. Enjoying what you do and why you do it. While letting go of what's holding you back. Working with your true purpose. Giving to the world your strengths, lovingly and authenticily .

Authentic Workshops


Identifying who you are and what you call yourself is a strong start in knowing your power. Where your qualities and your blockages are. Feeling this energy will help you change your power.



Showing who you are is happening all the time, yet most of us do this unconcious. There is alot of strength in feeling your values and showing that to those around you. It'll give the knowledge to guide yourself to your best live.


Authentic Workshops


Learning to let go is powerful and very hard. Knowing what to let go of so you can focus on the present is a gift. Releasing control and embracing every moment with pure intention.



The final Workshop is all about combining the three before. Your titels, values and desires all come down to your mission and purpose. Why are you here, what do you do authenticily that no one else can.



Let's Start

When you want to start working together contact me by emailI would love to know why you want to work together and what your company/team looks like.

In your email please send a date that we can video-call. In this call we'll get to know eachother and discus the posabilities that benefit your desires the best.

Authentic Coaching

Apart form the workshops I can also offer individual coaching. This can be on the job coaching or more in the esnce of counceling. This is for those individuals who need that extra support on a specific topic regarding their authentic selfs in preforming,

enjoying and/or evolving. 



All workshops and coaching are offline, this to help benifit the magic of interaction and exchange of positif flow. Theirfor I come to your company. Giving an optimal vibe for evolving your people in their work flow.

When you do not have the space for that I'll rent a space near your office with easy axces by publictransport and car.

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