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How to get the best hair from your hairdresser

Do you struggle to explain what kind of hair you want from your hairdresser? You know the vibe but you don’t know the words to describe them. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Some people know how to put into words what they want and how they want it. Yet so many are not gifted with a strong vocabulary. What’s a foilage, balayage, shadow root, buzz cut, curtain bang, or any other fancy words.

I am not going to explain all these amazing hairstyles to you. I am going to tell you how you get the best hair without saying any of those words!

Before you go to the salon, think (and feel) about what kind of hair you like. What colour do you like, what kind of cut? How do you want your hair to feel? Which vibe is so you? And one of my favourites, how do you want other to perceive you?

For me, hair is about expressing who you are. The inner-you shining light through the outer-you. Knowing how you want others to perceive you can help you to figure out what attitude and hair help with that. With that go to Pinterest and find that vibe, that hair colour, that haircut, and put them on your personal hair-board. We have put together some inspiration boards for you on our own Pinterest account.

Make sure you speak in vibes, very feminine, really badass, summery glow, undone curls. When you speak (and think) like that it gives a soft expectation yet still giving the hairstylist the freedom to do their magic.

Now when you are at the salon you know what you like and have pictures to show it. One thing I can’t stress enough, these pics are an inspiration, not a goal. You have different hair and you have different time/skills to do your hair. Let the hairdresser advise you on what is best for you.

By showing what you like and what you don’t like the professional will knows what to do and will help you achieve that hair at home. They will tell you what kind of hair care you need to maintain volume and shine, how to style your hair so it suits your day-to-day life.

In short:

  1. know what you like and hate.

  2. show pictures of that.

  3. listen to the professional.

  4. follow their advice.

This is the way I can help my clients come closer to that dream look they’ve always wanted. And I am sure it will help you achieve the same. Let me know how this helped you!

Be authentic, be free, be you.



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