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Is your hair damaged or dry?

Ever wondered if you have damaged or dry hair? Maybe you didn’t even know that those two weren’t the same. So what is the difference between dry and damaged hair? And how are they the same? Get ready to read all about it.

First, how do they look? Both dry and damaged hair look frizzy and lack shine. Their both hard to detangle and are rough to the touch. Usually, dry hair is a bit more on the frizzy side, and damaged hair breaks more easily.

The big difference between damaged and dry hair is in how you get it. Dry hair is what you have, you are born with it or it is because you have the gift of getting older. Your hair is lacking moisture, something it needs to be soft, shiny, and flexible. This is usually found in curly or wavy hair, for those hair types have more protein which helps the hair to be strong, voluminous, and bouncy.

Damaged hair is obtained when you coloured it to extreme or often or both. And when you style it too much, like blow-drying, curling, or straightening your hair. Usually damaged hair is lacking proteins, that's why it can lack volume and shine.

Now that we tackled the why, let’s talk about the what. What can you do to heal your hair? Like you saw earlier both types need a different kind of healing. Yet both are found in similar products. It all starts with the foundation, your shampoo, conditioning, and treatment. For dry hair look for the terms “adds moisture” or “softens the hair”, I like to use the HIO product from bumble and bumble, they give so much shine and softness. For damaged hair look for the terms “adds proteins” or “strengthens the hair”. Using these products will, improve your hair quality from the inside out, yet not in one day. It can take a few weeks to feel the difference it is making. The longer you use it the better it’ll be for your hair.

Dry hair may need a bit of extra help thought. Because they lack moisture there will be hairs looking for moisture in the air, aka frizz. To prevent that a blow dry crème will help soften the hair and add a little weight so the hairs won't fly away as much. My personal favorite is the ticketing blow dry crème, it will help keep the volume in your hair and make it look less dry. When your hair is all dry you can add oil to give it shine and silky protection from moisture in the air. Oil will never take away all the frizz yet it will help keep it at bay.

Damaged hair on the other hand benefits most from the treatments you use. In my opinion, Olaplex still has the best products to heal this damage in your hair. Especially with the N8 added to heal both moisture and proteins in the hair, which it so desperately needs. When you need instant help to make your hair look better, start your hairstyling routine (after you washed it) with a leave-in conditioning, this will help heal your hair throughout the day. On top of that use a heat protector and a UV filter so your hair doesn’t take any more damage. (Tip this primer does all that.)

There you go, all you need to know to figure out what your hair is telling you it needs and what you can give it to let is shine their light again. If you are still in doubt, you can come by the salon for a hair rejuvenation treatment with a blow-dry or cut so we can check what your hair needs and give you the best portable start on your hair healing journey.

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