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Education is key to all in life. Authenticity is key for a happy life. That’s why I implement authenticity in all my education, that means that I’ll give education like none other, cause everyone is unique. It also means that I will always help you be your truest self with all education I’m giving. If it is Authentic Living, Tarot Magic or any hairstylist classes, all wil have the focus on your unique light and how you shine that every single day.

These classes are fundamental for a happy, purposeful life worth living. We all have unique skills, amazing views, marvellous passions and beautiful emotions to share with the world. Yet most of us are programmed to hide that for the sake of “the greater good”, I don’t believe we need to hide anything we that are for anyone else. Want to join the movement and be your truest self? Start here.


Yes I am a (self proclaimed) witch. That doesn’t mean I curse people and brew crazy potion. What it does mean is that I empower myself and those around me with the energy that is all around us and grow out of love to be a better, happier and a wiser individual. 

When you want to learn any kind of magic, education is a great start, I offer Card workshops that wil help you guide yourself (and maybe others) to a higher virsion of your self, yet not to the fullest. Enrich your own life with these classes and bring the change you want to your world, with love.

These classes are developed for companies, big or smal, to help grow their employees grow in authenticity. Making them happier, more prodcutive and experience a sence of belonging. 

All classes are about helping people to become authentic and living that every moment of their lives. In their private live and on the job. Learning to shine their unique light in every aspect of their being

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